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Gift card

Gift card

Do you want to offer one of our cruises?

Several options are available to you :
  1. In stores, ideal if you are Saumurois
  2. By mail : upon receipt of your check, we return the gift voucher and the corresponding tickets according to your indications (chosen cruises, number of people, shipping address ...). Beneficiaries will only have to contact us to book the cruise you have offered them on the date of their choice.
  3. Online :
    1. You buy a gift card for a defined amount. People who receive this card can use it on all of our cruises for 1 year.
    2. On your request, following the purchase of a gift card online, we can send you a gift voucher without mentioning the price but with the description of the cruise offered and the reference of your gift card number which will be used by beneficiaries at the time of booking.

How to buy a gift card?

Step 1 : Select the number of gift cards I want to offer
Step 2 : Choose the amount of the gift card
Step 3 : Indicate the name of the recipient (s)
Step 4 : Pay this gift card
Step 5 : Add a note to the recipient (s) and send them this gift card directly by e-mail

I received a gift card, how do I use it?

Step 1 : Book the cruise of my choice
Step 2 : At the time of payment, click on "Apply a gift card" then enter the number of your gift card.
Step 3 : Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive tickets for the booked cruise directly by email.