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Frequently Asked Questions


Access and location

+ Are there parking lots near the pier?

Numerous parking lots (free and paid) are available near the pier. Remember that boarding takes place 15 minutes before departure.

Boat and navigation

+ What is the capacity of the boat?

The boat has a capacity of 64 passengers which is reduced to 40 for meals.

+ Can the boat navigate in low water periods?

The Saumur Loire boat is suitable for navigation on this river. It can navigate in only 50 centimeters of water. It has a flat bottom which allows it to squeeze between the sandbanks. Our boat can therefore navigate during periods of low water.

Comfort and accessibility

+ Are there toilets on board?

The boat does not have a toilet. Toilets are available in the car park near the boarding quay in Saumur.

+ Is the boat covered, closed?

The boat is open but it has a roof to protect passengers from the rain and the sun. It also has transparent canvases which can be folded out in bad weather. 

+ Is the boat accessible to strollers?

Yes, it is accessible to strollers but it should be noted that steps are present at the boarding bridge and at the entrance of the boat.

+ Are dogs allowed on the boat?

Dogs, which are not dangerous for other passengers, are accepted free of charge on the boat, except for cruises with a meal on board.

+ Is the boat accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Steps are present on the boarding bridge and at the entrance of the boat. Access can however be done with the help of the crew.