Our Partners

Biscuit factory Le Vinaillou
Installed in the old Clairay school in Rosiers-sur-Loire, Patrick Groneau concocts these famous cookies with Cabernet d'Anjou every day.
Bouvet Ladubay
Partner of the company since its creation in 2011, the Bouvet-Ladubay cellars have always supported our projects. The company deposits certain groups directly at the foot of the cellars.
Combier Distillery
The last heir to the tradition of the distillers from the Saône region, the Combier company also produces a variety of syrups that delight children on board.
This baker, close to the Docks de la Loire, is one of the most demanding when it comes to choosing its suppliers. The customers, who flock to his store in droves, are not mistaken. It is naturally that we asked him to provide our packed lunches.
Variation of the Duchess Anne, famous pastry chef of Saumur for three generations, the Joseph bakery has prepared a catering tray for group cruises.
Castle of Montsoreau
The Company owed a privileged partnership with the only Loire castle located directly on the river. Navigation and contemporary art go hand in hand.
Loire Vintage Discovery

We share with Loire vintage discovery the same love of our territory and the same concern for welcoming visitors. A combined offer is launched in 2019.

Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park

 The PNR Loire-Anjou-Touraine, crossed by the Loire, is punctuated by prestigious castles, villages of character in tuffeau, troglodytes... Proud of these heritages, we are committed alongside the Park whose values ​​we share. Our commitment is recognized by the “Regional Natural Park Values” brand.