A passionate crew

A passionate crew

A passionate crew

Has a captain and a  , our licensed and passionate crew will make you discover the most beautiful secrets of the Loire seen from the water. CĂ©line, Elodie, Bernard, Florian, Nicolas, ... are at your service to revive the inland waterways of the Loire Saumuroise.

The crew is also ...

The pilot holds a certificate of competence for driving boats and ASP (passenger safety certificate). He drives the boat, playing with the current and the wind to respect the boat's roadmap. He trains the aspiring pilot in "accompanied driving"

The security officer holds the ASP (passenger safety certificate). Bilingual guide, he first takes care of the safety of the passengers; then to the needs of visitors to make their cruise unforgettable.

The wanderer on the quay, which welcomes the group and moor the boat.

The marshal who takes care of supplies and accounting, reservations and orders. He also manages the internet community.

The cambusier who knows his suppliers and the merits of their products. The store is his business. He is helped by the dockers.

The shipowner who recruits the crew, finances the campaign, arms the boat and sets its course. He can be represented by the shipping agent.

The quality manager, the man with questions, who capitalizes on know-how and enriches experience. He only thinks of the passengers.

The patron saint who manages spiritual forces and protects adventure.